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Hard Candy presents: Bordello
A Dance & Aerial show
When it comes to love, Is it better to ask for permission or ask for forgiveness? Hard Candy Dance welcomes you on a wild and passionate deathly ride through a Bordello of vampires. Will love succeed or will it be the death of them all? Find out through this thrilling dance, burlesque, and pole show.



Bringing Top Talent to the Big Stage

Hard Candy Dance is a leading Dance and Aerial troupe based in Denver, Colorado.

Hard Candy is made up of dancers and pole artists creating an entertaining, exciting, and cutting edge dance performance. Our productions are an artistic combination of pole and dance unlike anything you’ve seen.


About Us

Industry-Leading Dance Group

What started off as a small dance company has now become one of the most recognized performing companies in the Denver area and beyond. Since our first show in 2016, Hard Candy Dancers have managed to captivate their audiences with a variety of tantalizing and exciting performances and shows.

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Hard Candy Presents "Diamonds & Pearls" is sponsored by Lucy's Burger Bar


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Denver, Colorado

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